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Welcome to my KOPI SHOP! This is a place where visitors get their daily doses of caffeine injections and mingle with other visitors.

Thursday, July 24, 2008 |

Food Wars - Top Gear Style Friday, July 04, 2008 |

with so many food blogs out there writing abt the same things and taking the same pics, i decided to...

with a twist... a top gear twist...

how its gonna work, is that every episode, i would list a type of food and list the top 10 places serving that particular type of food, with the no1 spot as the best and no10 spot as the worst. i challenge all readers (unfortunately singapore only) to challenge my list. if you know any place that deserves a better ranking, pop in a comment and i will invite a guest with me to go '踢馆'.

the list will not be fully filled in the beginning, so do put in your recommendations! if u like me to start on any food type, so pop in a comment as well...

the first episode will be BURGERS!!!

a long long time... Tuesday, June 17, 2008 |

since i last wrote something here...

in between the days of my last post and this, i...

1. suffered some mild depression
2. went reservist
3. had a serious bout of illness known as asthma and lung infection (still recovering)
4. went to 2 interviews with HR consultants
5. fall in love with 3 different girls
6. made my birthday wish in advance

not a lot in between you might say and definitely nothing constructive... couldn't even take part in helping the ZPGYs in their recording of a single in memory of those who perished in the recent Si Chuan earthquake...

for (1):
tink i m more lost in life than depressed it seems... juz felt life simply has no direction... work cant give me motivation and i kinda lost the ability to feel for anything...

for (3):
i tot i nearly died when i had my asthma attack in camp during reservist... and in the end i was high on steriods thanks to the camp MO... still feeling the pain in my ribs...

for (5):
i found myself intrigued by 3 ladies from the office... all of them represent the type of gals i would love to fall madly in love with...
first up is ms k... probably the most dao gal in the office with her cold depressed yet stunning looks... but beneath the frost is a gal i will neber get to know... whenever i see her in the pantry or anywhere, i feel like the incredible hulk with my heartbeat racing to 200 and mind going blank... :P
second is ms n... shes a gal that spends more time in the swimming pool than me spending time in front of the TV... very independent and sporty... and she laughs at every funny thing dat i said... feels so appreciated ah... wahahaha... always fun to have her as an sports activity partner... couldnt imagine why she says shes not very sporty...
finally is ms l... if you do not know her, she would have been the fiercest and meanest looking gal u would ever know... but shes totally opposite in character... shes brilliant... we had deep discussions on how we look at things in life... shes caring... so much so that she becomes the god-daughter of the aunties of the ya-kun outlet at our basement... really appreciate her introducing me to her mum n dad by bringing me to their family cafe for lunch...

for (6):
i wished that someone can celebrate my birthday with me this year and this wish repeats itself every year. 1 wish for eternity is not too much rite?

努力做坏人! Wednesday, March 26, 2008 |

iris n i wanted to have the title of this blog as the above to signify wat we have discussed extensively today... we have decided to be some bad ass for once and be mean cuz the goody side of us doesn't seem to add value... really wan to thank her for taking the effort to 'try' to pick an argument to see if i can flare up (failed of course) and let me try my hand at quarreling... so sweet right?

actually, i have only one target this year - not erm... who, but learning the trumpet... trumpet is free thanks to my employer, hence, there is now no stopping me!!!

being a nice guy, i have decided to write a song for the aircon princess residing on the 'dark side' of my office floor... thanks to her, my heart rode roller coasters for 2 weeks.... hahahaha...

one more thing, i wan to say thanks to a certain aunty, who actually sms me asking how my day was while she herself was down wif stomach flu at home... so touched!!! *heart* u manz!!! wahahaha...

3月13日,5点15分。细雨。 Sunday, March 16, 2008 |



你这样算是什么朋友? Friday, March 07, 2008 |

i don't deserved to be posed the above.

i m a friend.

a friend is also made of flesh and heart.
granted i may b insignificant.
i may not be senior or talented or sing.
and i dun even care if any one of you remembers my birthday or even celebrates it.
or be interested in my work or how i have been thriving or suffering.
i also don't mind not getting a listening ear or comforting heart which should come with a friendship package.
but certainly i have never ever said NO!
nor show my utmost displeasure when i should.
choosing to walk away somehow makes more sense than standing up.

kelly was right to say i have always been a wimp.
that was probably the most heartening thing to hear after a days' worth of sorrys.
and i really thank her for reminding me that

for once, someone stood up for me.

人生是没有定律的一种节奏 Wednesday, March 05, 2008 |





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